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The Jungfrau Marathon, September 2008

January 17, 2013

Jungfrau Marathon Website


I got a place in this one 3 or 4 weeks before the start – entry had closed but I entered a draw to get one of 10 extra places in August. 3 weeks later, not sure what I was letting myself in for, I arrived in Interlaken for my first mountain marathon. As I had entered my first really long run the next month, I figured this would at least give me a taste of what to expect when heading into the mountains.

Technically speaking for the purists it’s a road run of 26km followed by a mountain rising some 1800m over the last 16km. Whatever – it’s a stunning course. I ended up in 4 hours 13 minutes, though reckon under 4 would have been possible. Placed 228th out of 5000 or so isn’t bad, especially when most of the runners are Swiss whereas I have to practice in mountain-freee Denmark. Being my first Alpine run I held back a little, and despite having registered twice since, have never made it back for another go.

One day I will  – it has a fantastic atmosphere, with bands all over the place (one of which we ended up with in a bar in town in the evening; a small pub with a 20 piece brass band is quite something). Great Swiss mountain trains transport your supporters along the course, with text messages to let them know where they can catch you next. They even get you back dowen to Interlaken at the end! It’s also superbly organised, with rail vouchers included in the entry fee so you can get from any Swiss airport to Interlaken.

I never got round to writing it up properly, but there are a few pictures here

Mountain path after Wixi


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